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Rejuran Healer

Consisting of Polynucleotides (PN) suspended in a gel matrix, Rejuran is essentially made up of the components that make up our DNA.

These specific standards of DNA molecules are obtained from a certain breed of salmon (whose DNA make-up mirrors that of the human species most closely), purified and broken up into small fragments.

Salmon DNA has been shown to be safe and compatible in the human body without causing any adverse side effects. The acquired DNA is purified and free of unnecessary immunogenic proteins which may trigger an immune response.

These PNs improve skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin, making it an excellent addition to laser—based treatments.

Who needs it?

Rejuran Healer repairs and rejuvenates aging or damaged skin. Unlike hyaluronic acid skinboosters, Rejuran Healer consists of biologically active molecules that stimulates regenerative processes and reduce inflammation. Rejuran Healer is a unique and innovative treatment, and the most recent addition to our our skin rejuvenation toolbox.



Activate Self Regenerating

Activate self-regenerating powers of skin


Improve thickness of dermis & epidermis and overall elasticity of skin

Helps improve metabolic health.

In addition to helping you lose weight, semaglutide also reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by improving your body’s ability to use insulin, as well as reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels.


Treatment Areas

Full Face

Rejuran Healer can be used on the forehead, temples, midface, cheek, chin and neck areas, and is suitable for most people. It can be used as a preventative treatment in younger adults to delay the skin aging process, but is particularly helpful to those with more pronounced effects of aging skin (uneven skin tone and texture, loss of elasticity and fine lines) and those with skin damaged by acne scars.

  • Lifting effect

  • Improves skin density and elasticity

  • Improves skin texture

  • Improves fine lines

  • Recovers protective layers of skin

  • Balances oil and moisture of skin

  • Reduces pores

  • Reduces sebum

  • Reduces dead cells

  • Clarifies skin tone

"Rejuran Healer exceeded my expectations! The treatment was quick, nearly painless, and the results are incredible – my skin looks noticeably more radiant, and fine lines have faded. Though a bit pricey, the long-lasting benefits make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a natural and rejuvenated glow."

Elaine. C

Actual Client


The Answers You Need


Patients who are keen to: improve skin tone, improve skin texture, prevent skin aging and/or smoothen acne scars.


Within 1 week: Some improvement in skin texture as the gel matrix hydrates underlying skin
Within 1 month: Pores are smaller and skin texture improved
Within 2 months: Skin elasticity improves, resulting in reduced appearance of fine wrinkles. Skin pigmentation issues may also show improvement

Best results are seen typically 4-6 weeks after the third treatment.


After a sufficient time with topical numbing cream, the procedure produces minimal to moderate discomfort. The injection itself does not hurt, but the infusion of Rejuran under the skin does produce a slight stinging sensation that is bearable


The Answers You Need

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