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Who needs it?

Glacial® Rx is the first and only CryoAesthetics® treatment that uses precision cooling to fight inflammation and reset better skin from within. It is a clinically-proven, customizable cold treatment that’s versatile, comfortable, and founded on science. With three different modalities, providers have the power to design a treatment plan that’s tailored to the unique biology of each patient. Discover the potential of Glacial® Rx.



Targeted Freeze

Design treatment sessions from 3 different modalities: cooling followed by dermabrasion, continuous cooling, and targeted freezing.

Synergistic Ehancement

It can exfoliate dead skin cells and oil from deep pores. It helps remove deep dirt that cannot be removed by daily cleansing.

Calmer & Brighter

Patients will experience brighter, calmer skin immediately after treatment, with great results seen as long as 3 months after treatment.


Treatment Areas


Glacial™ Rx is FDA-cleared to remove benign lesions like age spots (also known as sunspots, liver spots, or solar lentigines) anywhere on the body.

"Glacial® Rx was such a refreshing treatment. My skin feels soothed and hydrated from the inside out. I would 10-out-of-10 recommend to someone suffering from inflammation. I can already see a difference after one treatment."

Alice C.

Actual Client


The Answers You Need

Is Glacial RX effective?

Yes. Physicians saw an improvement in 92% of patients at the 1-month follow-up and a majority of patients continued to have great outcomes at 3 months.

Is Glacial RX safe?

Yes, the Glacial RX system has been studied in over 600 clinical trial patients without any device-related serious adverse events.

Will Glacial RX hurt?

Many patients say Glacial RX is refreshing and relaxing. It's not just incredible -- It's comfortable.


The Answers You Need

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