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Blood Purification

What is Blood Purification (O-Zone Therapy)

Blood purification(O-Zone) is a medical procedure designed to cleanse and detoxify a patient's blood, removing harmful substances and waste products while maintaining the essential components necessary for the body's normal functioning.

Who needs it?

 Blood purification is used to treat a range of medical conditions, including kidney failure, certain types of substance poisoning, autoimmune disorders, and sepsis. 



By storing genetically modified T-cells, CAR-T banking allows for rapid access to CAR-T therapy when needed. This is particularly valuable in cases where the patient's condition worsens, and timely treatment is critical.

Toxin Removal

It effectively eliminates harmful substances, helping to reduce symptoms and prevent further organ damage.

Symptom Relief

Blood purification can alleviate symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders and other conditions, improving a patient's quality of life.

Temporary Support

In some cases, blood purification serves as a temporary measure while underlying medical conditions are treated or resolved.

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