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Clear + Brilliant®, a pioneer in skin resurfacing treatments.


Clear + Brilliant® treatments are great for women and men who are looking to fight the early signs of aging or maintain their youthful appearance.


Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out and bring you back to your youth. Topical numbing cream may be applied to your face prior to treatment to provide additional comfort.

I can enjoy life with great-looking skin!

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Gentle and simple

Clear + Brilliant® works by creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. With this device, you can replace damaged skin with healthy-looking tissue and yield younger-looking skin.


Clear + Brilliant® is non-invasive – no cutting, no needles.

Radiant Glow

A series of Clear + Brilliant® treatments can make your skin feel smoother and younger-looking and give you that “radiant glow."



How does Clear + Brilliant® work?

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How many Clear + Brilliant® treatments are needed?

The number of treatments is tailored to your concerns and skincare desires. In recent studies, consumers reported visible improvements after 4-6 treatments, though many patients choose to have routine treatments as part of their overall skincare regimen. Your skincare provider will discuss a personalized treatment regimen with you.

Can I get Clear + Brilliant® treatments if I’ve already had other procedures?

Clear + Brilliant® treatments may be complementary to many cosmetic procedures, like fillers, Thermage treatments, or even Botox. Consult with an NLS beauty expert to learn more about combining Clear + Brilliant® treatments with other procedures.

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